The Games I Play

I start every morning with the newspaper and a variety of games. Here is the list of what I play with some thoughts.

1. SpellTowerThis was the first word game I started playing regularly. I think I started during lockdown. Each day there is a daily search and a daily tower. I have mixed results. I enjoy the tower more than the search and I’m always proud of myself when I can clear the entire tower.

2. Wordle The game that is all over social media. Your Twitter and Facebook feed are probably full of the squares. I was interviewed by the Washington Post for an article about it. I have had a couple I did not finish, but I usually get it in three or four tries. I never share my results on social media.

3. Worldle A geography spinoff. You get the outline of a country to guess. If you get it wrong it tells you how far away the right country is and the direction. It’s hit or miss for me. I had three in a row that I got on the first guess. I’ve had some I didn’t get at all. Sometimes I’ve looked at a map to get the answer. Now I will look at a blank map to get my directional bearings, but not the answer.

4. Quordle – This is four Wordles at once. Each guess goes in all four quadrants. The same color code is there to tell you what you got right. It is easy to get so focused trying to get one quadrant that you run out of space for the others. I’m getting better at it and usually finish. I just had to learn to take my time and not get stuck on one quadrant.

5. Heardle – I played this one for the first time this weekend. The first one I played I knew pretty quick so I thought I would be good at it. The next three were songs I didn’t know. Today I had the right artist, but guessed the wrong song and then second-guessed myself on the artist. I will still pay it every day, but I now assume I won’t know most of the songs.

I also do the Sunday crossword in the Washington Post and I am pretty continuously playing SimCity Built It on my iPad.

Do you play any of these? Which is your favorite? What other games would you recommend?


8 thoughts on “The Games I Play

  1. I play Wordle if I remember. I play Words with Friends daily with a bunch of people, about half of whom I don’t know. I play the most games with my sister. I also play Solitaire daily and probably waste way too much time with it.

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