Lacking Motivation

After several very nice weather days today is cold and rainy. Some places just north of me have snow instead of rain.

My wife just left for the office instead of working from home.

I have things I could do around the house that are easier when she is gone.

I need to go get a book from the library as this is the last day before it goes to the next person.

I have read that Medium rewards you more with exposure if you write regularly, so I should do something there.

By the way, I wrote on Medium a list of things I do to break a reading slump. You should click and read it(and use the referral link to join).

Instead, the weather makes it seem like a good day to just sit on the couch under a blanket all day reading and watching TV.

Maybe I can find a good balance between productivity and a lazy day.


3 thoughts on “Lacking Motivation

  1. Yesterday was my reading day. I avoided the pile of things to be listed for sale in my home office by doing my reading in the living room. The pile is looking at me with raised eyebrows today 😉 Sometimes we need those days.

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