Stupid News Alert

In my head, the title sounds like this

The effort to make it look like we are doing something the help Ukraine and punish Russia is taking the inevitable stupid turn. Things tend to get stupid when the general public is involved.

Here is your stupid news alert:

We start with bars posting videos of them dumping Stoli Vodka. Since the fall of the USSR Stoli has been manufactured in Latvia, not Russia. Smirnoff is not Russian-owned and is distilled in Connecticut.

We move on to a French restaurant putting out a statement clarifying the difference between poutine and Putin because they were getting death threats due to the name.

A Canadian restaurant has dropped the name poutine from its menu. They still serve poutine, but they won’t call a Canadian dish its name given by a Canadian because it is the French version of Putin’s name.

Today I saw the below on Twitter

I’m not sure why the tweeter thought this level of hatred and stupidity wasn’t possible. I’ve been aware this was possible for years.

What’s next?

Are we pulling Russian dressing from grocery stores?

How long before we move from stupid knee-jerk reactions and transition to things like assaults on people with Russian names, vandalizing Russian-owned businesses, and detaining Russian-Americans?


10 thoughts on “Stupid News Alert

  1. Well, now you’ve done it. By mentioning pulling Russian dressing, you have made it inevitable. Hahahahaha. Sadly, it will come soon. And unfortunately, the generalization to people and businesses that sound Russian (whether or not they are, because that’s never happened) is not far away.

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  2. I like Russian dressing as well as Cesar salad. Most Vodka’s say Russian style. The best I know of are made in Texas, Tito’s and The Local Goat. I know a few Russian Americans and they are more American than most of us. I hope it doesn’t come down to that. Oh yeah, that burger looks disgusting and would most likely kill a person within minutes. New levels of stupidity surface every day.

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    1. Most people I know drink Tito’s. I just saw another report that Russian restaurants in NYC are dealing with cancellations, social media campaigns, and bad reviews even though most owners are openly antiwar


      1. Truly ridiculous…like people want to boycott McDonald’s ECT because they are in Russia. I really feel bad for the Russian people, in the long run they will be far more screwed than Putin and his government cronies. I have a cousin who was married to a Russian and adopted her daughter from Russia…so I guess I am kind of biased in my humanitarianism.

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