My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 3/4/22

It has mostly been a TV week to stave off a DVR crisis.


I once again did not watch a movie. I considered watching a movie. Free Guy and West Side Story are both streaming. I did not watch them, though, because of the aforementioned DVR crisis.


With the Olympics over, all of the regular TV shows returned. That means I had a lot of shows set to record and not a lot of space on the DVR.

One thing that was taking up space was the latest season of Doctor Who. I tried. I made it halfway through the Flux story and just didn’t care. I did watch the holiday special. It was better. I have not liked the last two Doctors. I’m happy about a change of actor and writer.

I watched the finales of Euphoria and Righteous Gemstones. Both are very good shows. I might have thoughts on both in future posts.

There are several good comedies on TV these days. It’s good to have good comedies back. Ghosts, Abbott Elementary, Single Drunk Female, Pivoting. All very good, I feel like I need to give Grand Crew a second chance. I hear good things about it.

I’m watching the final season of The Walking Dead. I know it was the “in” thing to stop watching and tell everyone how bad it is now, but I still enjoy it.


I finished one book this week.

Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins – Lux and he boyfriend Nico are hired to sail two women to Meroe Island, a remote island in the South Pacific. Lux bonds quickly with one of the women and they all bond with the couple they find already on the island. It’s a party until another boater arrives, someone turns up dead, and secrets are revealed.

This was a nice, quick read with short chapters. It bounces between now and the past. The glimpse of the past slowly reveals the secret that leads to death. I figured it out all early, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book. I still enjoyed seeing how the author pieced it all together. I thought the ending was satisfying.

On Deck

I still want to watch Free Guy and West Side Story. I have Dear Evan Hansen on DVD.

I might watch the Lakers show on HBO Sunday.

I will still fight the good fight for DVR space.

I am currently reading Going There by Katie Couric.


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