Time to Consider Some Structure and Planning

This has been a frustrating writing period for me. I have had several days where I just couldn’t find a topic that I cared enough to write about. I have had days where I attempted to write about a topic and couldn’t get it right. Adding to the frustration. the weekly book prompt I usually use on Medium was not updated this week. It has made me consider a change to my process that should have happened years ago.

I have always been the type of blogger who writes whatever pops in my head when I open the app. It has mostly worked. I still post most days. Some days are harder than others. Some posts are very low quality because of this.

I have added some structure. I do the daily “What’s on TV” post. I have the weekly recap of what I read and watched. I do my weekly “What’s Good” post. I do my monthly recap of what I read. Now I need to add planning.

I can’t always rely on a good blog idea to pop in my head in the morning. Especially now that I’m home most of the time. It also makes sense to do so if I’m also trying to make a little money writing on Medium.

A small list of how I can make life easier and the blog better:

  • make note of writing ideas I have when walking or driving.
  • put those ideas into a blog topic schedule
  • but leave room to push those when I wake up with another idea I want to write that day
  • decide which work for here, Medium, or both
  • do more writing of drafts in the afternoon instead of only writing in the morning

I’m hoping some of these will help with my writing process. Any other suggestions are welcome.


11 thoughts on “Time to Consider Some Structure and Planning

  1. I think this is a good list of things to work toward right now. Once a couple or more of these take hold, then discard anything that isn’t really working and look for another approach. That’s just my opinion, and I’m not good with planning and structure for myself.

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  2. It’s difficult when an idea comes while you’re driving – short of pulling over & making a note straight away that is, and I don’t imagine many of us do that. I have ideas come to me while I’m walking (without my phone) and it’s difficult trying to hold onto them till I get home. The other frustrating one is when I have ideas mid conversation.

    I tend to make notes on my phone when it’s with me, and I know people who record their idea on their phone as a voice message so they can add a bit more detail to it.

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  3. I don’t write every day; only when I feel the urge to address or say something. Don’t feel that you must. I have read a few blogs that the writers post more than once a day, and it’s mostly dribble. Quality not quantity.

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