I’m Ready to Exchange Lasts for Firsts

I wrote a post mid-pandemic about all of my “lasts” before lockdown.

I was reminded of this today when I was reminded that my last major public event was on Leap Day in 2020. I went with my daughter to the filming of ESPN’s College Game Day on her campus. Maryland basketball has not been good since then. A writer I follow recently asked for people’s stories of the day the world shut down.

I’m ready to forget the lasts and get started on my firsts.

Note: I know people will say we are not post-pandemic, but I think we are now in the endemic stage, so the terminology works for me.

I did false start firsts right after the vaccines when cases were low. My now seemingly defunct book club had a couple of in-person meetings.

I have had my first in-person meeting of the community book club I joined.

I’m ready for my first post-pandemic concert. If all goes according to plan that will likely be the Rock the Dam concert in my hometown in July.

If I had friends I would be ready for in-person get-togethers with friends.

I’m ready to crash the pub quiz at the library conference in May.

I’m ready to get back to living again.

Now I just need to get a life.

12 thoughts on “I’m Ready to Exchange Lasts for Firsts

  1. The mayor said we are going to lose the being asked for vaccination status thing next week. So excited. I am so ready. I went to a lecture at the Met the other day…first live Sunday lecture in two years. The audience went crazy with applause at that. We are ready… in another note…my friend is vacations in the azores right now. She was pretty much housebound for the past two years she was so scared. However, she posted a picture of her and hubby at the mouth of a cave. It’s just them. They’re wearing masks….😆😆😆

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    1. I’m all for reaching the point where no one is judged for personal decisions, but there are times when I see pictures like that and wonder if they put the masks on just for the picture to show they are “responsible”

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  2. I don’t understand the showing vaccine cards anymore. For example, my daughter has COVID, after two shots and a booster. But she could technically go anywhere by showing her vaccine card. Of course, she’s staying home in quarantine, but she could. Also, my husband’s employer asked for his vaccine card and he’s working remotely for the rest of his life. He emailed his card and they rejected it because they also wanted the back side of the card — which is blank!

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  3. I’ve always been pretty much a “self quarantine” person, not liking to be out around people most of the time anyway. What has bothered me is that it has been FORCED on us now, and I can’t stand being told what to do. It’s refreshing to see people have stood up against these insane policies and are forcing the ideologues to get things back to normal.

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  4. Pre-pandemic, I tried to join a few book clubs. Each one was a failure to launch (no, I don’t feel like I was the jinx 😀 ). During the pandemic, we managed to read one book and discuss it on conference calls (multiple conference calls, since we read a few chapters at a time). Then it fizzled out. Could it be that I am the book club jinx? :O

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  5. For me, I have the recent return to the gym. Also, I’ll be meeting with my core group of friends for our “stitch and bitch” on March 12. I’m really excited for that. We haven’t been together since 2019.

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