The “What Now?” Time of Life

I have a nice period starting around Thanksgiving.

We have a nice Thanksgiving meal at home. It’s a nice relaxing start to the holiday season.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. The day between Thanksgiving and Christmas might not all be good, but I can always remind myself that Christmas is coming. I can go look at Christmas lights or watch a Christmas movie to help boost my mood.

We then travel to Kentucky to spend time with family. It’s a week of family, food, and fun. It’s my second favorite week of the year, My favorite is the week in summer when we visit and we can swim.

January my daughter is still home for most of the month. We have the NFL playoffs and college basketball.

February is my birthday and all the free food.

Now, a long stretch of not much. We have one family birthday in March but that is it until our summer trip to Kentucky.

We’ve talked in therapy about how it is good to have something to look forward to. I’ve hit the point of the year where this is harder. Every day will be pretty much the same.

The one thing to look forward to for me is March Madness. It will be fun to be home for all of the games. I enjoy the bracket challenge I do with friends and family. So, there’s one thing.

It’s also kind of a What Now? phase in what I will do. As my Medium earnings plummet and Covid is easing, it is reaching the point where I know I will need to get some sort of job. I can probably hold off until after summer, but then I will have to bite the bullet and do something,

But what?

I don’t want to go back to libraries, but I’m not exactly qualified for anything else.

I am firmly in “What Now?” territory and it is not fun.


8 thoughts on “The “What Now?” Time of Life

  1. This is going to sound weird, I know, but you could always explore different types of jobs by working for a temp agency. You have skills from working at the libraries that would transfer to other office situations. Temping is a way to make some money while trying out different things. Suetu has done this in the past and turned temp jobs into permanent ones. My niece did the same thing when she graduated from college and ended up with a permanent job. You could look into it in early summer.

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  2. I second both of these suggestions, and also continue to look for volunteering options. They can build up a picture of skills & experience which you can use in taking the next step. All the best with it Tater.

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