What’s Good in Tater Town 2/6/22

It was another week uneventful enough for me to struggle to remember anything that happened. I have a feeling most of my list will be food-related


  1. The teams I wanted to win won and are in the Super Bowl.
  2. My son was here for dinner Sunday night.
  3. My dog is better. There are still some numbers that might indicate something we might need to treat long-term, but she is no longer actively ill.
  4. Red Robin was doing free apps for people who downloaded their app so we got burgers on Monday with a free app each.
  5. I thought I was done with free coffee from Dunkin, but then I got an email Wednesday that they are doing free coffee Wednesdays in February.
  6. Two Kentucky basketball wins this week.
  7. My daughter was home from college for the weekend.
  8. The free birthday food has started. I picked up a free dozen Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home from the barn yesterday.

That’s all I can remember this week. Hope your week was a good one.

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