Everything Gets Spoiled Now

Over the weekend ESPN broke the news that Tom Brady was retiring a few days before he announced it himself.

I watch the Today Show in the morning. Today they were supposed to exclusively reveal what we all already knew -The Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders. A few minutes before the official announcement, the same ESPN guy tweeted the news and the logo.

When the NBA and NFL drafts are on TV the picks are revealed by “insiders” on Twitter a few minutes before they are announced on TV.

The Today show now previews the Super Bowl commercials weeks before the game.

I’m pretty sure the only thing that is immune from spoilers at this point is the daily Wordle answer. I’m sure that will change soon enough.

In the rush to be first and get the exclusive we are ruining the moment.

Brady didn’t get to announce his own retirement.

The WFT didn’t get to announce their own name(they deserve bad things, though)

We lose some of the fun of the moment of new Super Bowl commercials.

I’m starting to miss the days before cell phones, social media, and the need to know everything instantly.


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