Tater Mentions Joe Rogan Even Though He Didn’t Want To

I didn’t know what I was going to write this morning. I’ve tended to stay away from the big topics that are out there and had no intention of mentioning Joe Rogan, Spotify, or Covid in a post. And then I saw this comment on a post about Spotify attaching content advisories to podcasts that discuss Covid:

The masses can’t be trusted to listen to a talk shows like Joe Rogan’s. It’s time the government stepped in and imposes some restrictions

random commnet on Facebook

I would like to think this was a joke, but there were several replies and the original poster did not return to tell them that they were joking.

So, this is where we are now? People have reached a point where they think the government needs to step in to protect us from a comedian with a podcast? Isn’t that the same justification people use for banning books? That we need the government to protect us from the “harmful” content in books?

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. We have reached a point where people are getting their medical information from a comedian with a podcast. We were already in a world where people get most of their information from random people on social media. This is the logical next step.

Even if you disagree with everything Rogan has ever said you should not favor government intervention. You favor it now because your “team” won last time. Look to a future where your “team” loses. Now, do you want the people in charge to decide who gets to speak and who doesn’t?

We are all for the government running our lives when our side is in charge. Now so much when the other side wins.

Both sides should be appalled at the notion the government should “protect” us from listening to a podcast.

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