What’s Good in Tater Town 1/30/22

It was a stressful week that started with us taking our dog to an emergency vet clinic. The rest of the week involved a loss of sleep and constant worry about the dog. She seems better now and the vet saw nothing of concern in the follow-up, but they did do blood work to make sure there is nothing there. Was there good? Let’s see.

  1. My son was here for dinner Sunday night.
  2. The Youth Media Awards were announced Monday morning.
  3. Kentucky game on TV Tuesday night and it was a win.
  4. Free coffee from Dunkin, Sadly, the last free one for a while.
  5. I made soup.
  6. We got snow, but not so much that it was impossible to get out when needed.
  7. Kentucky @ Kansas on TV last night.
  8. Kentucky won easily.

That’s all I can recall this week. Hope your week was a good one.

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