A Whole Lot of Judging Going On

I still look at Facebook way too much. I was scrolling this morning and came across a post by someone I knew in high school with advice for people applying for jobs.

The advice in general was good – Take a look at your social media and clean it up in case they look.

The bad – What she sees as “bad”

  • your tongue sticking out with a visible piercing
  • giving the peace sign
  • with alcohol in your hand
  • skimpy clothes
  • selfies in general
  • profanity

So, for her and the other employers chiming in it is bad to go out to have a good time, have a tongue piercing, use “bad” language, and post selfies. They won’t hire you if they see this. I would bet these people would also decline to employ people with visible tattoos. That’s also a big one for the old, traditionalists who have too much hiring power.

It’s not the young people who need to change. It’s the old people judging a new generation against their generation’s values.

Other judging I’ve seen recently

  • If you say you are tired of the current Jeopardy champion you are transphobic
  • If you say you don’t like an author going pandemic heavy in a new book you are an anti-vax, anti-mask, science-denying MAGA
  • An article in the newspaper about Wordle is stupid and a waste of time. It’s just a game. Get a life.
  • All the people who think others are not masking enough, masking too much, not wearing the right mask
  • shaming about not pandemic-ing properly.

I’m just tired of all of it.


14 thoughts on “A Whole Lot of Judging Going On

      1. My neighbor said to my husband that he goes out too much (he was walking dog) as she was getting into cab to go to airport to go to resort in Florida….😆

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  1. There’s a LOT of noise out there. Someone I greatly admire works for the UK government supporting ministers, and she’s covered in tattoos. She in her fifties btw, and has long dressed to cover them, because she accepts that the establishment will judge her on them, and she’d not get to demonstrate her professional abilities.

    I do think social media has made (professional) life tougher for everyone but especially younger people who’ve grown up with it and are the first to be learning about its potential drawbacks. I do think if you do your job in a professional manner, how you live outside of work is no-one else’s business (presuming no illegality). But shame culture means this is often not the case.

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    1. A long time ago I went to the mall and wore wrinkled clothes. Someone told me I needed to be more presentable when out in case a prospective employer remembered seeing me like that. I said the same as you – if they judged me for how I looked at the mall on a Saturday morning I wouldn’t want to work for them

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      1. Reminds of the time my dressed dressed like that to buy jewelry, he was ignored by mist if the sales ladies but one. The others gravitated towards some guy dressed to the nines buying an engagement ring on a payment plan, my dad on the other hand was paying cash. The girl that took a risk on him dressed down got a huge commission that day for sure.

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  2. Everybody is too judgy now. Except for me, of course, because I never judge anybody for anything. Hahahahaha. But yeah, things have been getting out of hand for a while.

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