Soup Day

Ha. Soup Nazi is wrong. There is soup for me.

Giant Food (I’m still disappointed when I go in and everything is normal sized) is doing a special this week where club members get free egg noodles, chicken broth, and mirepoix if you buy one of the family packs of chicken breasts. I went yesterday, but they were out of chicken. I went again this morning and there still was no chicken. I had texted my wife to tell her it was a no-go, but then the soup gods smiled down upon me.

As I was about to walk away, a Giant employee(also regular-sized damn it) came out of the back with boxes of just delivered meat. I asked if there were any of the family packs of chicken and there were. He would have given me the entire box to buy had I asked.

So, I went searching the store for the rest. The noodles and the broth were easy to find, but I had no idea what mirepoix was. I walked over to the vegetable section and asked the guy working where I would find it. He happened to be holding a box of it in his hand and handed me what I needed.

So, today I made homemade soup for the first time. I think it tastes good, but I will have to wait until later for someone else to judge it.

If I don’t post tomorrow you will know something went horribly wrong.


10 thoughts on “Soup Day

      1. I haven’t had much trouble finding food. However, Monday was the first time I found all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner and toilet cleaner all in the same place at the same time

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  1. I love a home made soup, nothing better. Never seen mirepoir pre-packaged, although it’s possible I’ve just never noticed as never looked in the cleaned & chopped veggies area.

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