When Your Day Goes Off Course

I started yesterday knowing that my normal schedule would be off.

The ALA Youth Media Awards announcement was from 9-10 AM yesterday. Since I planned to post the winners immediately following, I did not write my daily post until after 10. I took notes in a draft on WordPress so the post was mainly formatting, cleaning up, and fixing spelling errors. It still took a long time and I didn’t finish until after 11.

I took then took the dog for a walk and ate lunch.

After lunch, I did the cleaning I had planned for the afternoon and then sat down to watch Euphoria. At that point, everything seemed like the rest of the day would be back on track.

My dog had been sick last weekend. I thought it was caused by her grabbing and eating a random thing off the street. She was sick, but then bounced back and was better. We had a long stretch where she seemed fine. Then. yesterday afternoon she seemed lethargic and then started shaking and vomiting.

Our vet wouldn’t see her because they had no openings. All of the emergency vet places near us had long waits but we were told a place 45 minutes away might have openings. We called and they said they would schedule us for 4:15, so we headed out.

When we arrived we discovered that 4:15 was a check-in time, not an actual appointment time and our wait might be just as long as it would have been close to home, possibly two hours or more. I called another animal hospital near this one and they had a five-hour wait.

At this point, Lily seemed better and we knew we could get her into our vet today, so my wife went to see if the place could just triage her to see if she looked OK to wait for today. They agreed to check her vitals bit then ended up doing a full exam Not sure how that was possible if the wait would have been two hours had she not asked them about triaging her.

They think it is pancreatitis and gave her antibiotics and anti-nausea medication and she is on a bland diet for three days. We got back home a little before 7 pm. She goes back for a follow-up at our vet Saturday. Hopefully, we are past the worst of it.

I still can’t believe a wait at any emergency vet place in our area is now hours long. I’ve gone to them in the past for various animal emergencies and was able to be seen right away.

My day today is already off as the bland diet is more work than the normal diet. Now, my wife wants me to go to the grocery store today, so my out of the house stuff I planned for tomorrow gets moved to today and my in house stuff gets shifted to tomorrow.

I will be off for days.


4 thoughts on “When Your Day Goes Off Course

  1. I’m sorry about your dog! Unfortunately, my guess is that COVID has had an impact even on your vet. I imagine they are having as many staffing problems as other medical practices. But it seems like there should be something more akin to a hospital emergency room for pets.

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  2. I hope your dog is better. My daughter’s pug has had several emergency visits and it freaks my daughter out that the waits are so long. Especially when he’s obviously sick or eaten something he shouldn’t.

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