Bloganuary 24: Write About a Dream You Remember

When I was a student at the University of Kentucky I worked at the library. One semester, I was one of the first to arrive and I would enter the library before it opened. There were always grad students there waiting to get in as soon as we opened and they would sometimes try to follow me in when I would arrive for work. I eventually started having dreams where there were hundreds of grad students at the door when I got there and they pushed into the library and refused to leave.

As I continued in my library career, the dream would continue whenever I was stressed. It changed to closing, though. Whenever I had stress dreams it would be me in the library at closing. I would either realize there was a door I forgot to lock and people kept coming in or I would dream that they just wouldn’t leave when I told them to. Even when I mostly worked in the jail, the stress dream was always problems closing the public library.

I no longer have this dream now that I no longer work in a library. I tend to not remember my dreams much these days. I do wake up anxious sometimes, so I assume I am still having anxiety-inducing dreams.


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