What’s Good in Tater Town 1/23/22

Before I get started trying to remember anything from the week, two things:

  1. The ALA Youth Media Awards are tomorrow at 9 am EST. I will be watching and will post the winners after along with any thoughts I have on the ones I have read.
  2. I wrote about fiction and the pandemic on Medium. It was inspired by the book I am reading that has, thankfully, backed off of the mask play by play as the story has continued.

Now the good:

  1. Free weekly coffee at Dunkin.
  2. Free food from Red Robin.
  3. College basketball on TV.
  4. Playoff football on TV.
  5. A few more days with my daughter before she moved back to her apartment.
  6. The predicted snow did not happen so we had no weather issues on the day she moved back.
  7. A visit to the library meant seeing friends.
  8. My first day as a barn volunteer at Maryland Therapeutic Riding went well.
  9. I got a few walks in even though it is very cold.

That is all I can remember. I hope you all had a good week.

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