Bloganuary 21: If You Could, What Year Would You Time Travel To and Why?

I am going to assume multiple things here:

  1. I can’t change the past in any way.
  2. I can’t travel to the future.
  3. It is against the time travel rules to interact with past me.

Those rules make it easy for me to go somewhere fun instead of being noble and using the power to save people.

If I could I would travel back to August 1969.



I love the music from that era. I have read a lot of history from that year since it was the year I was born. I have watched footage from Woodstock. I don’t think a Woodstock is possible today without a multitude of problems. I would love to experience the historical performances. I would even be OK experiencing the rain and the mud.

I will leave the noble act of saving people to someone else.


4 thoughts on “Bloganuary 21: If You Could, What Year Would You Time Travel To and Why?

  1. I would go to the year my parents met, the day that they met, so I could see if their story fits reality. I think there was an underlying truth to it, embellished by my father just a bit, because of the way my mother used to sort of smirk when he told it. I just think that would be a lovely thing to witness. As a fly on the wall.

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