News From My Past

I received a message late Tuesday night from a confidential informant from my former workplace. The manager I have written about here, the one who is the reason I left my job for mental health reasons, is leaving the branch.

I wish it was because they finally cared about the toxic work environment and did something about it. It is not. It is a very ridiculous reason.

A little background first. This is the person I went to HR about when she tried to refuse to allow my staff to do the rainbow list for adults. She told me we could do any other book list, just not that one, We already had the rainbow list for kids and she didn’t want to be “that branch” She also complained to me about being handed the donation envelope for an employee’s wedding because she was offended to be asked to contribute to “that type of wedding” Another person sent an email to the CEO about the anti-LGBTQ sentiment from the top at the branch. Nothing was done,

Flash forward to now – the people in charge who know about these issues have given her a job in admin. From what I’ve heard, she will be heading up the diversity and inclusion outreach.

Par for the course for that place.


12 thoughts on “News From My Past

  1. That’s awful and sad for the library users. Maybe she won’t be making decisions, just implementing things. But even that can be sabotaged by one such as she.


  2. WTF indeed. Perhaps they came from the same school of training as those occupying the offices of Number 10 Downing Street, London. Seriously though, that’s appalling. No wonder you left.

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