Bloganuary 19: Write About Something Mysterious

This is a difficult one for me. I wish it had come up before I wrote about the case of the disappearing Russian, That would have been a good one for this. So, I will write about something that isn’t really mysterious but could be if I could write fiction.

There have been multiple times people I have seen and even talked to while on my walk have “disappeared”

Not too long ago I was walking my dog. A young woman was walking toward us with a small child. They stopped and she asked if the kid could pet my dog. I said yes and we chatted while that happened. We then went our separate ways. A few seconds later, I glanced back where they should have been walking and they were gone.

Before that, I headed out to walk my dog and saw someone else with a dog heading down the street toward us. The direction of my walk to them out of my sightline for a second. We turned to the corner where we should have seen them again and they were gone. This was in the same area where the other people “disappeared”

There are a couple of possible reasons for these two events – a mystery involving some sort of wormhole opening in my neighborhood that has resulted in me seeing and speaking to people from an alternate universe or people who are visiting one of my neighbors and I didn’t see them go into the house.

I choose alternate universe.


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