A Tale of Two Writings

I did a post recently about writing on Medium. I wrote about how I had early success and had a couple of articles that made me a decent amount of money. I also wrote about how most stories will make a few cents but that you could still at least earn back your $5 monthly charge to be a member. That is still true for many people. I read posts and I see they have a ton of claps and multiple comments. I think it is no longer true for me.

It has been a weird month in writing for me. I post here every morning. When I post here it is very much stream of consciousness writing. I have a topic I want to write about. I sit down. I vomit words on the page. I run it through Grammarly. I hit publish. It is the same when I do the bloganuary posts. My views have doubled here recently and I have more followers every day.

Sometimes I do just import what I write here to Medium. Other times I am submitting to a publication, usually in response to a prompt by one of the editors. I’m not saying I spend a lot more time on Medium posts, but I am a little more careful about spelling and grammar mistakes. I submit it to a publication. Someone else has to approve it. I assume they read it first. It then goes out to people who follow me and the publication. This month people have stopped reading anything I post there. I get less than 10 reads on almost everything. I’ve also lost my top writer status in books.

I know I won’t have the same success on Medium that I have here. I’ve been writing here for years and have built up a following. I don’t expect the same success instantaneously on a new platform. I just can’t figure out why my views have dropped so much even though people keep following me. I also can’t figure out why I’m getting so many more views here. The only thing I am doing differently is posting a third post in response to the bloganuary prompt.

I’m sure everyone is fascinated by my ramblings about stats. The worst thing about Medium is that the money aspect makes me look at my stats way too much. It can steal the joy I get from writing.

My Medium profile is here if you want to look and tell me it’s crap and that’s why no one is reading.

If you have ever considered joining Medium to read or write, use this link so I get a referral fee.


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