Do I Miss People?

I was trying to remember when I have seen people from outside of my family. It was hard because I don’t have a lot of reasons to leave my house these days.

I went to training at the therapeutic riding place 10 days ago.

I’ve seen people at the school office as I’m dropping off backpacks.

I’ve seen the person at the church where I pick up the backpacks.

I’ve seen the random people who hand me my carry-out food orders.

I went to the grocery store once.

As I was thinking through this I was trying to decide how much I miss people in general. I do miss some specific people, but that number is much lower than I would have expected before I was almost in hermit mode. And the number of specific people I miss goes down the longer I go without seeing them.

People in general? When I do go out I run into all of the annoyances that come with the general public. Even when I never leave my car, I deal with people who seem to have forgotten how to drive. I’ve been almost hit multiple times recently by people who don’t know how a four-way stop works.

I look at social media way too much and I see too many posts that make me like people less. Political agendas and propaganda. Sales pitches(including my own “read my articles” posts). Blaming everyone but themselves for everything. Wordle squares.

I’ve unfollowed(not unfriended) friends on Facebook because their posts irritate me too much. I’m sure people have done the same to me.

I’ve unfollowed people on Twitter for the same reason.

So, do I miss people? Kind of? As I said, I do miss specific people. I miss the things that I used to do that involved being around people.

People in general? Not so much.


8 thoughts on “Do I Miss People?

  1. My daughter went back to school last week and husband was away skiing. I went to movies and the Met, and ran errands, but I spent the whole time by myself. It was delightful and I didn’t miss anyone

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  2. I miss people from my old home town, like the checker at my grocery store, my favorite lifeguard Juan at the city pool, and the friendly woman at the post office. Here in AZ I don’t miss people as much.

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  3. I miss people. I really enjoy the random conversations I had with strangers while out & about. But then I really do like people and find them fascinating. People who know me and want something from me can be a lot more draining, and I need time alone after them to recover.

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