Bloganuary 17: What is a Superpower You Would Love to Have?

I’m glad to have the daily prompt today. I had nothing on tap to write today.

I have thought about this question over the years because I have watched a lot of superhero movies and TV shows. The answer has changed over the years.

At one point I thought invisibility would be good. Then, I lived a life where I am basically invisible to most people and realized it isn’t that much fun.

The main one I always considered was the ability to fly. I saw flying as a way to avoid traffic and travel times. The problem? I’m seriously afraid of heights. I would pass out mid-flight and crash to the ground. That’s no good.

The best one. The one that gives me what I was looking for with flight without the heights? Teleportation.

I would love to wake up in the morning, decide I wanted to visit my family in Kentucky, and be there instantly. I would obviously teleport to outside their frint door and knock. No one wants me to just appear randomly in their house without warning.

Want beignets and coffee from Cade Du Monde for breakfast? Fish and chips from London for dinner? No problem.

No more traffic jams. No more airports.

Teleportation would be the perfect superpower.


7 thoughts on “Bloganuary 17: What is a Superpower You Would Love to Have?

  1. Oh I would always have picked flying before, but I like the idea of teleportation. That’s one of the bits from Harry Potter than I always thought sounded appealing.

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