Bloganuary 13: What Does Your Ideal Day Look Like?

I am going right into the bloganuary post today. I am not in the place mentally to develop a new topic on my own today. So, this is all you get.

I am going to assume the ideal day would be an ideal day in my normal life. Otherwise, I would just put myself on the beach with my family and a book.

My ideal day would start with the dog not waking me up before 6 AM. It would start with me waking up on my own. I would have coffee and do my normal morning routine while the rest of the family is asleep.

My ideal day would have temperatures in the low 70s. After my coffee and paper, I would go for a walk at the local nature preserve.

After the walk, I would eat lunch and then read some on the back deck.

The ideal day would have a late sunset so we could go for a walk after my wife was done with work. On an ideal day, my kids would be home and would walk with us.

After the walk, we would eat dinner on the deck.

After dinner, we would all play a game and then maybe watch a movie.

Not the most exciting of days, but it has all I need. Time alone, time outside, reading, family, and food.


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