Tater on TV: Pivoting

Pivoting aired last night on FOX> I watched it this morning.

The Premise

The death of a close friend leads three women to reevaluate their lives and resolve to make major changes.

Tater’s Thoughts

When I first heard about his show I didn’t think it sounded like a show I would like. I watched the trailer and felt the same way. I decided to give it a try because I love Eliza Coupe(and I get a post out of it).

As usual for a first episode, this one is generally getting to know the characters and setting up the story.

Eliza Coupe is Amy, a producer for a morning cooking show who has avoided being home with her kids. She resolves to be a better mom. Maggie Q plays Sarah, a recently divorced doctor who abruptly quits her job and applies to bag groceries at her local grocery store. Ginnifer Goodwin is Jodie, a mom who is unhappy in her marriage who resolves to get in better shape, and also has a crush on her trainer.

This was a very good first episode. The cast is perfect. All three are great in their roles. As I said above, I’ve always loved Eliza Coupe and she is very good here. I thought Maggie Q was the standout. Her reactions to the other two are perfect. I can’t wait to see her trying to adjust to bagging groceries. Tommy Dewey is good as Amy’s husband. He is the only other character besides the nanny who gets screen time in the premiere. I’m assuming we will eventually meet Jodie’s husband and Sarah’s ex.

The reviews from the critics who I assume have seen screeners of more than the first episode say it is much more a hangout comedy than a dealing with grief comedy. That is a good thing. We don’t need a sad comedy.

I’m looking forward to watching more.


13 thoughts on “Tater on TV: Pivoting

  1. I couldn’t get past the show title. I have written the words “pivot” and “pivoting” way too much in my marketing writing over this pandemic. But I do like Ginnifer Goodwin. I LOVED Big Love–she was so excellent in that.

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