Bloganuary 10: What Are 5 Things You Are Grateful For Today?

Today’s prompt is much easier than yesterday. If you read my blog regularly you know every Sunday I do a post where I look back on the good from the week before. It makes it easier for me to write a post like this one. So, here we go.

  1. I am sitting in my house writing this post instead of being at work at a place that made me very unhappy. I’m grateful I had the ability to quit a toxic job and spend time doing what I enjoy instead.
  2. My son and his girlfriend made it home safely from their trip last night. They drove a lot of miles. but made it back OK. I’m also grateful the number of cats in our house is now back to two.
  3. I’m grateful that we are all healthy. We have made it through the last two years without any major illness from
  4. I’m grateful that we got to have a somewaht normal Christmas with fmaily in Kentucky.
  5. I’m grateful that people continue to read my dumb little blog.

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