Bloganuary 8: What Do You Like Most About Your Writing?

These are always hard for me. I am more inclined to criticize my writing than complement it. My posts always sound better in my head than they do on paper. Grammarly helps limit my typos and spelling mistakes, but it doesn’t eliminate all of them. I’m terrible at proofing my work. I will never win any awards or finish a book. Is there anything I like about my writing?

I guess if I have to find something, I will say my writing reflects the real me. I don’t change my voice when I write. I won’t follow the advice of others a choose a “niche” because that’s not me. I keep words that Grammarly always says are not needed because that’s the way I talk. I say what I want to say even if I think it will make someone mad.

My writing process is – I vomit out what is in my head into a post. I check it with Grammarly. I read it over. I post it. It’s messy. It’s not perfect. It’s me.


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