Bloganuary 7: What Makes You Laugh?

There was another 30-day challenge a while back that had this prompt. I went back to look at what I wrote(here it is if you care to read it) and my answer is obviously very similar.

I laugh the most when we are with my family in Kentucky. I think it is obvious to everyone that I am the funniest person in my family, but the rest of them can be funny as well. Sometimes I am laughing with them. Sometimes I am laughing at them. We laugh the most when we are playing Catchphrase. Usually, that means we are laughing at them. We after laughing at how bad their clues are. We are laughing at a dumb guess. We are laughing at how bad we can be at the game.

I need to find people that make me laugh as much as I laugh when I am in Kentucky. Laughter is good and I don’t laugh enough when I am home in Maryland. Sometimes it is hard being the funniest person in the family. It’s not the same when you make yourself laugh.


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