Bloganuary 5: I Wish I Was a Music Man

Thank goodness for the daily prompt. I had no distress to attempt the post I planned for yesterday. If not for the prompt, my TV post might have been my only post for the day. We will see if I feel like writing more later. No, on to the prompt.

There are many things I could write about here. I wish I was better at DIY-type stuff. I wish I was a better cook. I wish I spoke a second language. The one thing, though, that trumps all of those is my lifelong wish that I was a musician.

I did play baritone in my middle school band. Well, I “played” baritone. I was not that good at it. I mostly used the band as a way to transfer into a homeroom with more of my friends. If you were in the band or played a sport, you had to have your elective period at the same time. I joined the band to move to one of those groups. I picked baritone because it was free. I did learn how to read music, so that was something.

I did sing in a choir when I was in college. I’m not sure why I joined the choir. I’m sure a friend suggested I join with them. I’m also sure they had never heard me sing. If I stood next to a strong singer, I could almost hit the notes. I could not do it if I had to sing solo, though.

I did use the fact that I could read music to teach myself to play a couple of things on piano for a music class in college I had to take when I was an education major. I could play scales and a short, easy song. That was it.

I’ve always wished I would have been better at all of the music stuff. Well, maybe not baritone, I think I would have hated high school marching band. I especially wish I was a better singer. In my head, I sound very good. In reality, not so much.

Maybe I should use some of my new free time to relearn how to read music and teach myself to play the piano.


7 thoughts on “Bloganuary 5: I Wish I Was a Music Man

  1. If you have a piano, do it! I took piano lessons for about 10 years (until mid-way in my senior year of high school). Then I didn’t really play at all until around 25 years later, when we got an electronic piano for my daughter to learn on. It’s surprising how it will stay with you. I managed to play some Christmas carols (with headphones on so only I could hear) without too much trouble. So find a way to learn to play the piano and stick with it for a bit. It can provide lasting enjoyment.

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  2. Oh wow, I second Remedial Stitcher’s suggestion that you work on your piano playing. I never learned piano, but looked at friend who played with a certain degree of admiration. I did learn and played guitar, both folk and classical. I was pretty good, if I say so myself, but suffered from stage fright, so never took it any further. The sad part is that I let it slip away completely. I can recognise chords now, but that’s it. I also was in the school choir where we had to do unaccompanied solo singing as part of our audition. I’m sure that playing guitar was a great help to me with that – in the reading music aspect if nothing else.


  3. I think you should take piano lessons with a teacher. I never conquered piano, but was decent at the flute. My parents were both musicians and my mom was a coloratura soprano and piano teacher. My son took piano from kindergarten through college and my daughter said I kept her in lessons far too long. I think she quit around 4th grade. We are all different in how we can pick up music.

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