Bloganuary Day 4: What Was Your Favorite Toy as a Child

WordPress has started a daily prompt for January. I hesitated to do it because it might mean I would be posting three times a day. I have decided to participate for two reasons:

  1. I needed a jump start today.
  2. I can post as many times as I want. People can ignore me if it annoys them.

Of course, I chose to start on a day when the prompt is a hard one for me. I can’t remember most of the toys I had as a kid. I remember hot wheels cars and race car tracks. I enjoyed them, but enough to call them a favorite? I remember other toy car type things and board games. None of them really stand out as a favorite. So, what fits?

I am going to go with something that is not actually a toy – a bicycle. None of my toys as a kid stood out as a major part of my life, but my bike was very important to me. I spent hours in the summer riding my bike around the neighborhood with my friends. Riding my bike was a little taste of freedom. I was away out of the house and away from my parents.

A bike made me feel equal to the other kids at a time when I always felt less than for various reasons. When riding my bike around town I didn’t worry about my extreme shyness. I didn’t think about my family having less money than my friends’ families. I didn’t think about feeling like no girl would ever like me. I didn’t think. I just rode and enjoyed myself.

I should get a bike.


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