Get To Know Me – Festive Edition

Pepper Valentine tagged me in her post. I was happy to have something on tap to write for the week. It’s unusual for me to plan out my writing. I have a full week planned right now thanks to this.

The Questions and Answers

1) What is your favorite winter treat?
It’s not really a winter treat, but it is something I generally have only had at the holidays – banana pudding. My mom used to make it every year and it was the thing I looked forward to the most at the holiday meal. I also love chocolate-covered cherries and get a box for Christmas every year.

2) What Christmas traditions do you celebrate? Our tradition is traveling to Kentucky each year. Until last year, the standard was for all of us to leave together on the 23rd. Spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with various parts of my wife’s family and then head to my brother’s house on the 26th to celebrate with my family. This is the second year in a row my wife is leaving early and I will be home alone for several days before joining her. I’m not a fan of the new tradition.

3. Are you wishing for snow this year? I love snow. I don’t want snow on our travel days, but I would love to have a coating on Christmas. Enough to make it look festive, but not enough to disrupt our travel to my brother’s house.

4. What is your favorite Christmas movie? I did a post of Christmas viewing musts here. Only considering movies, I think these days I would go with Elf. I love everything about that movie.

5. Have you ever built a gingerbread house? What is your technique? I have built a gingerbread house. Technique? are you supposed to have one of those? Much like my writing, I just wing it.

6. What is your favorite hot chocolate? Um, the hot kind? I’m not so into hot chocolate that I have a favorite. I would prefer a nice coffee drink.

7. What gift are you hoping to get this year? The only thing I anticipate every year is the traditional gift of the newest Stephen King book. I won’t read them when they are released so I get to enjoy them for the first time on Christmas day. Everyone should have a little horror with their holiday.

8. What is your warmest wintertime memory? I’m not one for the warm fuzzies. My favorite memories are the times playing in the snow with my kids when they were little. I loved the day a couple of years ago when were got snow right before we were leaving for a family trip to Florida. Both kids were home and went out in the snow together like in the old days.

And The Tagging…

I really hate tagging people in these things. I know some people plan out their blogging for months and feel like this would not be welcomed. So, I tag no one. Play along if you want. Or don’t.


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