One Year Check-In

I was all set to write another post today. I have a good chunk of it sitting in my drafts. Then I was reminded that today is an anniversary. One year ago yesterday was my last day at the library. One year ago today was my first day removed from that toxic place. So, this is my one-year check-in on life after the library.

The Good

  1. 1. I no longer work at a shitty place working for shitty people.
  2. I no longer dread starting my day.
  3. No one else has control over my life.
  4. I’m free to run errands during the day when needed.
  5. I’m free to spend the afternoons watching TV with my daughter when she is home.
  6. I can take walks every day whenever I want.
  7. I’m free to do weekly foo deliveries for the Backpack Buddies program.
  8. I’m free to take part in other service activities.
  9. I’ve found a place to volunteer regularly.
  10. I’ve started to make a little bit of money with my writing. Look for me on Medium here.

The Not So Good

  1. I regularly judge myself for not just getting another library job.
  2. I feel guilty about feeling unproductive.
  3. I’m not 100% sure other people are not judging me for the same.
  4. Many hours alone.
  5. My circle has shrunk to pretty much just my family.
  6. Less money.


  1. Not giving myself enough time to heal before my first attempt at long-form writing,
  2. Not starting to write on Medium earlier.
  3. Caring about what other people think about me.
  4. Not being even blunter in my exit interview about the toxic work environment,

Looking Ahead

  1. Continue to write here and on Medium.
  2. Another crack at the book.
  3. Regular volunteer hour at Maryland Therapeutic Riding.
  4. Look into working as a sub at the local library.
  5. Possibly finally take the leap and apply to be a substitute teacher.
  6. If 4 & 5 fail, find a place where I can work part time without terrible hours.


11 thoughts on “One Year Check-In

  1. That’s a good evaluation. I think you’ve been as objective as one can be in a self-evaluation. Focusing on finding a part-time job sounds like a good way to proceed. Kudos for making it to your anniversary!

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