Just Kill Someone Already

Two different shows I watch ended their last season with multiple characters in a situation where they might die. I thought for sure each would at least kill off a side character.

One of the shows gave a minor character more screen time leading up to the finale. I was sure they did that to give their death more of an impact. I was wrong. I watched that show a few months ago. No one that was in danger died. The only impact the situation had on the show was one character struggling mentally after, but even that has resolved. This is not the first time this show has done this. Most seasons end with a cliffhanger and people in danger. Most seasons they all end up OK. They have killed a couple of characters and stated that they need to do that on occasion or the cliffhangers lose their impact. I think that ship has already sailed.

We were waiting to watch the second show when my daughter was home. The last season ended with three main characters and one side character in a situation where they could die. I didn’t think they would kill any of the main characters, but you never know. Maybe one of them asked to leave the show and this was their exit. Nope. All of them survived. Even the side character. I like all of them so I didn’t necessarily want any of them to leave the show so I guess I’m happy? The events just set up a storyline of them going after the people they think were responsible.

It has become way too common for shows to end on a “someone might die” cliffhanger only to have everyone live. It lessens the impact of such endings unless writers have the guts to pull the trigger and let a fan-favorite character bite the dust.

Just kill somone already.


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