Some Days It Is Hard to Get Started

I had a long, busy day yesterday that started when my dog woke me up at 4 AM and I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I wrote two posts here on WordPress.

I wrote and submitted an article to a publication on Medium. I also spent a long time dealing with self-inflicted technical errors with the article.

I cleaned the bathrooms.

I walked the dog twice.

I eventually went to bed at 10.

Today I went back to sleep after the dog woke me up. I woke up for good at 6.

I drove to Wawa for free coffee Tuesday.

I wrote my TV post.

Now I feel done. I have no motivation to do anything else. One of the benefits of my situation should be deciding to take a day like today off, but I never feel like that is an option. I feel lazy and have guilt about being “lazy’ I do have my weekly appointment at 10. That will get me to 11 and then what? It seems like a good day to return an item to the library and pick up my holds.

What do you do on the days when you are unmotivated to be productive? Do you permit yourself to take the day off? Do you find easy errands to do outside of the house? Do you force yourself to be productive?


16 thoughts on “Some Days It Is Hard to Get Started

  1. All depends on the why I’m unmotivated. If I’ve had a particularly bust stretch, I allow myself a day. Sometimes you just need to recharge. If I’m sad, or angry or depressed, I find something to do. Organizing a closet or drawer is a favorite. Going to the book store and browsing is also a favorite. Or I write a list…lists help me focus and calm me. It could literally be a list about anything…

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  2. I’m unmotivated most of the time now. I have nothing that I have to do other than clean the house every now and then (I live alone; I don’t care). Some days all I really do is try to reach my step goal and do more. Right now, I think I’m somewhat depressed, contemplating my daughter’s move to Washington state and the likelihood that I’ll only see her twice a year, which means only seeing my grandson in person twice a year. Yes, we have a weekly video chat, but it’s not the same. It won’t be easy for me to go out there on short notice to help if she needs it. So I don’t do much of anything. I have no tips for what to do when you’re unmotivated, just acknowledgment that we all feel that way sometimes and others of us more often.

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  3. I’m pretty much a lazy slob when I’m unmotivated. I can have a list of things I want to accomplish, but I never seem to get to them. That said, this weekend, I forced myself to pick up my cross-stitch and I worked on it a fair bit on both days.

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  4. I think the reason for feeling unmotivated is what matters. If it’s fatigue, then it’s important we listen to the body and/or mind, and take the time to recharge. When it’s about something deeper or darker, then I look at whether I’m doing the responsible self-care stuff I need to be doing for my depression. If I’m not, it’s time to get restarted…

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