Tater Town Tidbits

Today is just a few happenings and thoughts from the world of Tater.

Christmas Complications

We are a little over a month away from our usual trip to see family for Christmas. The person who normally takes care of the cats will not be home this year. We’ve been waitlisted by the only boarding place we have ever used for the dog. We have found alternates for each, but I would be much more comfortable using people we know we can trust.

Writing Stuff

I have been trying to get to a place where I can make money from the writing I am doing. I don’t make money here, which is unfortunate since this is where I get the most views. I write here for myself and for the sense of community. I started posting recently on Medium. I have made some money there, Almost all of the money has come from one post with over 1000 views. Now the traffic there is starting to die down so the money will as well. I have no idea why 1000 people saw that article so I have no way of replicating it. I just keep writing and hoping that I will find success again. I have been added as a writer for a publication, so that might help. Here is a referral link for Medium membership to use if you have an interest in becoming a member.


I am doing a program for the month of November to serve the community in a variety of ways. There is a nice reward at the end, but the act of helping is the real reward for me. I spent Veteran’s Day doing yard work at a veteran’s house, It was arranged via Hospice of the Chesapeake. Saturday I dropped off various donations and helped fill “blessing bags” This coming Saturday I am doing a shift at the Toys for Tots truck accepting donations. I will be working a shift doing outside work for Maryland Therapeutic Riding and a shift sorting books at Books for International Goodwill. My hope is that I will find a place that fits for a long-term volunteer opportunity.

Shut Up Already

I once wrote a post about how people talk too much Much of that was about cell phones. I thought I wrote about church as well, but I guess I didn’t. I now have a new talking complaint about church. We have moved from having a contemporary service at 9:30 and a traditional service at 11 to having them simultaneously at 10:17, I attend the contemporary service. The cafe area with coffee and donuts is at the back of the room. Yesterday, I guess the traditional service ended early and people came down for coffee and donuts. Our service was still going. That didn’t stop the loud conversations from happening in the back of the room. How do people feel that is appropriate? Just shut up or go outside.

And that is all that is on my mind this morning.

6 thoughts on “Tater Town Tidbits

  1. I would find the chatter at the back of the room annoying and inapprioriate. Perhaps the church needs to send out a reminder to everyone that if a service is ongoing, they need to keep the noise level down, asking them to consider how they would feel were the situation reversed.

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      1. Still, if nobody voices a concern, it could only get worse. Or you could ask the pastor or leader of the service if it bothered them, since it bothered you.

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