What’s the Value?

I wrote yesterday about how I feel judged by some because I’m not ‘working” or “productive” What is happening is that people judge others based on their own values and that isn’t right.

I touched on this before in a post about people who say they don’t have time to read. You do have time to read. You just fill that time with something you value more than reading. I have time to read more than I am right now, but I have chosen to spend that time doing other things.

When I am walking my dog I see the same people always out working in their yard. They work hard for hours to have the perfect lawn. They value havinga perfect lawn. I like having a decent lawn. I keep mine mowed and weeded. I don’t value the lawn enough to spend hours every day working on it. I don’t judge the people who work hard on their lawn. I don’t judge people who pay a kid to mow for them and otherwise never think about their lawn.

Some people value busyness. They will find something to do at all times. Rest is bad. You must keep moving. There is always something you need to do if you look. The work never ends so you should never rest. Others value down time and rest.

Some people value a nice car. A nice, clean car. Others see the car as a necessary tool to get from one place to another. All they need os for the car to work. Who cares what it looks like?

Some people value social interaction and time with other people. Some people don’t need nor want to see other people once the workday is done.

None of those are wrong. We only see them as wrong if we value the opposite and don’t value other opinions.

We need to stop judging other people against what we value.


11 thoughts on “What’s the Value?

  1. Imagine how boring and flat life would be if everyone were the same, motivated by the same desires and urges. Granted, there are those who would find this the best thing. They wouldn’t be right.

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  2. You know what’s funny? We had a friend stay with us the past few days. All he did was tell me how him and his wife are too busy to do things like grocery shop. I am so unimpressed by people who brag about busyness like it’s a valuable asset. Technically, we are all busy…but busy is not a personality trait

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  3. Great post Tater. There’s such a cult of busyness, which I don’t believe is at all healthy. Too often it’s about the (not so) humble brag, and surprisingly frequently the busyness is being used to cover the fear of something – being alone, having the time & space to look at yourself/your life etc.

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  4. I totally agree with all your examples here Tater. For me personally, I know it presents itself as judginess so I get why people would think that about me, but I’m just super awkward when I can’t relate. So, I have neighbors with the fancy cars, and the extravagant holiday decorations, and the stay-at-home moms, and the private-school kids, and I just avoid them because I can’t relate. But they probably think I hate them.

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