Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Unless you are my wife, you have been aware for a while that we set the clocks back yesterday.

If you are my wife, you woke up yesterday and said “I forgot the time changed. I could slept longer.”

If you are my wife, you will comment again when it is dark at 5 that you forgot the time changed.

If you are my wife, the clock on your side of the bed is still wrong.

If you are everyone else, you are aware of and probably not happy about the time change,

If you have a dog or kids you didn’t even get to enjoy the exra sleep. My dog didn’t know the time changed. My dog still woke me up at the same time to go out. I didn’t experience the extra sleep.

I didn’t really get the full “It’s dark early” experience either. We went to the Ravens game yesterday. There have been so many night games this year it didn’t seem odd to get home after dark. Today will be the first day I get the “it’s dark early” experience. That will pair well with my general depression I am already experiencing.

On the positive side of things – I feel like “It’s dark outside, therefore it is nighttime” can justify me being very lazy earlier now. Why would anyone expect me to be productive in the middle of the night?

I need to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather we will be having over the next couple of days. It might help delay the incoming dark-induced amplification of my down mood.

15 thoughts on “Hello Darkness My Old Friend

  1. I was in a hotel and panicked when I looked at the clock on the dresser because I thought only about 10 minutes before I had checked on my phone and it was a normal-ish time for me to wake up. It took me about 20 minutes to realize that my phone had adjusted the time, but of course I had to adjust the hotel room clocks. Grrr. Then on my drive home from the airport, I checked the progress of the drive on the car’s clock, and of course I was confused because It couldn’t be taking that long. Ugh. I still have to reset that clock, but I’ve reset the kitchen clocks and all my time is the same. I’ll have to look up in the manual to make sure I reset the car’s clock correctly. Ick.

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