What’s Good in Tater Town 11/7/21

Hello, darkness my old friend. It’s time change time meaning it will be dark around 5 every day. It will be hard to not spend the next few months tired and depressed. Finding the good will be more important. Let’s see what I have from this week.

  1. We had a good number of trick or treaters Sunday night, I always enjoy handing out candy on Halloween.
  2. The Braves won the World Series Tuesday night,
  3. Free coffee Tuesdays at Wawa for the next two months.
  4. I’ve actually made a couple of bucks from my posts on Medium.
  5. I’m also apparently now a top writer in books and reading there. Not sure it means much, but it sounds nice.
  6. Another walk at the nature preserve.
  7. That was followed by drinking free Dunkin coffee and reading next to the water features near our community center.
  8. Kentucky basketball on TV Friday night.

That’s all I can remember for this week. Hope you had a good one,


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