Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 11/3/21

As much as I loved watching my team in the World Series, I am very happy there is no game tonight. No game tonight means my team won the championship and I can start getting reasonable amounts of sleep again.


8PM – The Goldbergs

8:30pm – Wonder Years

9pm – The Conners

9:30pm – Home Economics

10pm – Million Little Things – they need to just spin Maggie off into her own show and send Gary with her. They are the best part of the show and the rest of the stories drag them down.


8pm – Survivor

9pm – Tough as Nails

10pm – CSI: Vegas


8pm – Legends of Tomorrow

9pm – Batwoman


8pm – The Masked Singer

9pm – Alter Ego


8pm – Chicago Med

9pm – Chicago Fire

10pm – Chicago PD

Various Non-Streaming Options

Tyler Perry’s Sistas is on BET at 9 followed by Twenties at 10 and 10:30.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on Bravo at 8 followed by Winter House at 9.

Guy’s Grocery Games is on Food Network at 9.

HGTV has Property Brothers: Forever Home at 8, Houses With History at 9, and House Hunters at 10.

The Sinner is on USA at 10.

Tater’s Thoughts

I still watch Survivor live. I think they have gone too far with twists and advantages this year. People watch for the human drama and the cast, not an overuse of random advantages that takes the focus away from the players.

I like all of the ABC comedies, but it might be time for the Goldbergs to wrap things up.

The most boring of the lead characters on Chicago Fire is gone. That should make a good show even better.

A Million Little Things has too large a cast and no central story anymore to pull them together. I would not be surprised if this is the final season.


7 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 11/3/21

      1. I’m getting very hard core about tv. There is so much really great tv I’m trying to cut out the stuff that just annoys me. Quit ordinary joe and I’m about one stupid storyline from quitting greys

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      2. I think I’m done with Ordinary Joe. Interesting concept, but I don’t care about any of the characters or stories. I’ve decided I’m sticking with Greys to the end just because I’ve watched it for so long

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