When Old Posts Return From the Dead

I am extremely tired. The combo meal of depression, a messed up sleep cycle, and a flu shot has done a number on me. So, today, you get a lazy post where I talk about blog stats. I know you must be so excited.

I look at my blog stats multiple times throughout the day. It used to be that I would get a flurry of views right after I published a post and then views here and there for the rest of the day. Almost all of those views would be of the new post. I did not have any of those mythical “evergreen” posts. That has changed a little recently. I have a couple of posts from earlier in the year that pop up here and there. Nothing spectacular, but more than before.

Over the last month two posts, one from 2019 and one from 2020 are suddenly getting multiple views a day and I have no idea why. The one from 2019 has twice the views recently than it had when I wrote it. The one from 2020 has four times the views than it has when originally written.

The one from 2019 is about the story of Jonah. I used to teach middle school Sunday School and taught this lesson regularly. It’s about how Jonah ran when called because he hated the people of Ninevah and didn’t want them saved. I then asked the kids if they had people they hated so much that they would be mad if God called them to save them.

The one from 2020 is about marriage. It is also religious in nature. I saw a quote on Facebook about marriage and what it means to “become one” I disagreed with most of what they said and wrote about it. No one read it.

Now. these two posts are getting multiple views a day. I have no idea how people are finding them. It’s weird.

10 thoughts on “When Old Posts Return From the Dead

  1. WordPress keeps throwing up random old posts, I keep seeing posts get likes that aren’t recent. One was titled the last food for Thought I did in June, but it truly wasn’t the last, just at the time the last weekly.

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