My Week in Books, Movies and TV 10/22/21

Most of my week has been spent watching sports. Kentucky football on Saturday. Ravens football on Sunday. Multiple Braves games. I’m not getting enough sleep. My wife is away. All combined to limit what I could watch this week.


Once again, I did not watch any movies this week. I did get a DVD from the library, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, but I gave it to my son to watch. I have scanned movie channels a few times but didn’t find anything I wanted to watch.


I have been watching all of the shows I watch alone: Fear the Walking Dead, Walking Dead: World Beyond, Grey’s, Survivor, The Masked Singer, The Wonder Years, Our Kind of People, Chucky, Ordinary Joe, and The Big Leap.

I watched The Resident Tuesday night after the baseball game because I knew there was a twist that was going to “change the direction of the show.” SPOILERS AHEAD: In the third episode this season, they killed off Emily VanCamp’s character after she left the show. Episodes four and five were immediately following the accident and dealt with the grief. At the end of episode five, there was a time jump of at least three years. I like this decision. Without the time jump, the entire season would be in the shadow of the grief of her death. It also gives them a chance to reboot the stories of some of the other characters and make the show fresh again.

I watched and reviewed two new shows: Queens and Day of the Dead

I’ve watched the first two episodes of Pretty Smart on Netflix. It stars Emily Osment as Chelsea, a Harvard-educated intellectual who moves in with her carefree, not-so-intellectual sister Claire and her three roommates(who are also not so intellectual) after being dumped by her boyfriend. It’s a decent sitcom and perfect for viewing when you need something light and mindless.


I finished one book this week.

The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman – A friend told me I should read The Thursday Murder Club a whole back. When I got it and saw it was about elderly people solving crimes I was not sure it was the book for me. I ended up loving it and was happy to see this on the 7-day loan shelf at my library.

In this second installment, the Thursday Murder Club is back in action after Elizabeth receives a letter from someone from her past life. He’s made a mistake and needs her help. The story involves stolen diamonds, a violent mobster, and possible murder. This time around, the club works with MI5 to track down the diamonds and solve the murders that occur after the letter is received. The Thursday Murder Club is still as fun as the last time around. The MI5 agents are a welcome addition to the story. I didn’t figure out who did it until they told me. That is always a plus in a mystery. This is a very good series everyone should read.

On Deck

Unfortunately, the Braves lost last night so I have more baseball to watch tomorrow night. I’m hoping I will want to watch the World Series next week. If the Braves lose the next two games I will be done with baseball for the year.

The new 4400 TV series premieres Monday night on CW. I think it could be good.

Dune is now on HBO Max. I hope to get to it soon.

I am currently reading 14 Ways To Die by Vincent Ralph. I realized when telling my daughter about it that the main character has the same name as her and her two best friends have the same name as my daughter’s two best friends from high school. Weird.


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  1. I gave my sister the Thursday Murder Club for her birthday in September, so I’m sort of waiting for her to read it first. I may not be able to wait if it comes up as an audiobook at the library. Then it’s on to the Man Who Died Twice. I’ve heard only good things about this series.

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