Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/19/21

We have another network TV show premiere tonight. The season rollout of new shows is very extended this year. Here’s the lineup.


8pm – The Bachelorette – the season premiere.

10pm – Queens – new show premiere. The four stars of a once-popular girl group reunite for a chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger they had in the ’90s.


8pm – FBI

9pm – FBI: Most Wanted

10pm – FBI: International


8pm – Stargirl

9pm – Supergirl


8pm – The Resident – I’ve read that there is a twist in tonight’s episode that takes the show in a “new direction”

9pm – Our Kind of People


8pm – The Voice

9pm – La Brea

10pm – New Amsterdam

Various Non-Streaming Options

BET has Tyler Perry night – House of Payne at 8, Assisted Living at 8:30, The Oval at 9. Games People Play is on at 10.

Vanderpump Rules is on Bravo at 8 and 9.

Food Network has Beat Bobby Flay at 9 and Dinner: Impossible at 10.

Impeachment is on FX at 10.

HGTV has Nate & Jeremiah at 9 and House Hunters at 10.

Chucky is on Syfy and USA at 10. Read my review here.

Tater’s Thoughts

The Braves game is on at 5. Since baseball games tend to go for four hours these days I won’t watch anything else until 9 or after.

I plan to watch The Resident after baseball to see the twist before I am spoiled.

My wife is away, so I will have to wait to watch the FBI’s and New Amsterdam. I’m behind on all of them anyway.

I will watch and review Queens tomorrow.

I will watch Chucky. It seems like it will be a fun show.

My wife has finally decided she will not watch Our Kind of People so I will finally watch the second episode to decide if I keep watching.

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