My Week in Books, Movies, and TV 10/15/21

Last week I said I might move this to Saturday. I have reconsidered and have decided to keep this on Friday.

Some more blog stuff before I get to my week. I am on Medium and joined the Medium Partner Program back when anyone could. Those of us without the new follower requirement will be removed from the program at the end of the year if we don’t get new followers. Right now. I am mainly posting the same stuff there that I post here, but I might start doing Medium exclusive writing as well.

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Now that the sales pitch is over, here is my week.


Once again, I did not watch a movie this week. My wife is going back to Kentucky Monday to help her mom so I think I will end up watching random movies while she is away.


My TV viewing is off this week because of sports. I was at the Ravens game Monday night. Tuesday night I was watching the Braves win the NLDS.

I watched the Syfy show Chucky. You can read my review here.

I watched Survivor live. I was happy to have an episode that focused less on all of the advantages. These are very bad Survivor players.

I watched Matt Amodio lose on Jeopardy. I liked Matt and rooted for him more as more people whined on Twitter about how he answered questions. I hope he wins the Tournament of Champions as well.

I watched the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. I was happy with the surprise death that will take the show in a different direction than expected.


I finished two books this week

The Burning by Jonathon and Jesse Kellerman – The latest in the Clay Edison series. Clay is called to a murder scene amidst a citywide blackout related to the wildfires. He finds a connection to his ex-con brother at the scene and spends the book trying to find his now missing brother to hopefully prove his innocence,

I would prefer a new Alex Delaware, but I have enjoyed the Clay Edison series. I thought this one fell short. Clay is a deputy coroner and breaks several laws in trying to cover for his possibly guilty brother. He lies to his wife. I’m probably mixing him up with the always upstanding Dr. Delaware, but I felt it hurts the character moving forward. I was also disappointed with the story going back to a previous case instead of going in a new direction. It was a disappointing outing for the Kellermans.

How Lucky by Will Leitch – Daniel has SMA, a rare neuromuscular disorder. The disease has progressed to the point where he can no longer speak or move without a wheelchair. He works from home in Athens, Georgia responding to Twitter complaints about a regional airline. He spends time with his best friend Travis, goes to football games, and enjoys the life he has built for himself. As he sits on his porch each morning, he notices one young woman who passes by frequently. One day, he witnesses her getting into a car right before she is reported missing and he is sure he has witnessed her kidnapping.

I wavered on my rating for this book. I thought it was very well done. Daniel was a great character. The story was good. Now that I’m finished and looking back I can say it was a very good book. While I was reading it, though, it seemed like a chore. It’s another one of those cases where I think my state of mind had more to do with the issues than the book. There are chapters where he steps away from the story to talk about SMA and how it has affected Daniel’s life through the years. It is well done but took me out of the story and I think story and plot are what I need right now. It’s not the book. It’s me. I would recommend it and ended up going back to Goodreads to give it four stars.

On Deck

With my wife going out of town again I will need to find more things to watch alone. Once I finish the shows I DVR I will finally finish Dear White People on Netflix. I need to finish season two of You so I can watch the new season. I will also be watching a lot of baseball this week. I am about to start reading The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman.


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