Tater on TV: Chucky

Chucky premiered on Syfy last night at 10. I watched it this morning because I am too old and tired to watch 10 pm shows live.

The Premise

Chucky is a sequel TV show to the Child’s Play movies. 14-year-old Jake Webber buys the Chucky doll at a yard sale. Soon after, strange things start to happen around the people who have been bullying Jake.

Tater’s Thoughts

I’m not sure I have ever watched an entire Child’s Play movie. I know the premise. I know a doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer murders people. Luckily, that is all I needed to know for the show. Actually, you probably don’t even need to know that. It is a simple premise and even someone with no knowledge of the movies could catch on to the plot immediately.

I think you would appreciate the show more if you have watched the movies. There is mention of the town’s violent past. There are flashbacks to the serial killer as a kid. IMDB tells me people from Chucky’s past will return to town. People who know those characters will appreciate the callbacks more than someone like me who has to look up characters to see if they are new or returning.

As for the show itself – I enjoyed the first episode. They do a good job of setting up the story. We see how Jake is bullied at home and school. We meet Jake’s richer and more popular cousin and his family. We meet the possible ally/boyfriend who has a true-crime podcast. We see Chucky observing all of the bullyings. It’s a slower build-up than you would see in a horror movie, but that is to be expected for a ten-episode TV series.

Chucky is a fun show for horror fans. Chucky will be even more fun for those who have watched the Chucky movies. I would recommend it for those who don’t mind a little murder and mayhem.


10 thoughts on “Tater on TV: Chucky

  1. But that’s cool about the show, I have seen almost every film..I missed Cult of Chucky, but also saw the crappy remake. I never listen to myself. Remakes suck, period. I think it’s also cool that the adult version of Andy from the first film is associated played by the same actor.

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