Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/11/21

Before I get to the lineup, here is an article from the Washington Post where they pick the best and worst of fall TV. I agree with them on the best picks, though I don’t think we can really call Wonder Years a comedy.


8pm – Dancing With the Stars

10pm – The Good Doctor


8pm – The Neighborhood

8:30pm – Bob Hearts Abishola

9pm – NCIS

10pm – NCIS: Hawaii – I watched it again this week with my wife. I guess I officially watch an NCIS now.


8pm – Roswell, New Mexico – two episodes, the second is the season finale.


8pm – 911

9pm – The Big Leap – I need more people to watch this so it doesn’t get canceled.


If you are in Baltimore, you will have to watch the NBC schedule on METV. WBAL will be airing the Ravens game.

8pm – The Voice

10pm – Ordinary Joe – I might be reaching the end of the show for me. I’m losing interest. I only like 1/3 of the Joes.

Various Non-Streaming Options

Creepshow is on AMC at 10.

Below Deck is on Bravo at 8 followed by Below Deck: Mediterranean.

Food Network has Halloween Baking at 9, Chocolate Meltdown at 10, and The Big Bake at 11.

HGTV has two new Love It or List It episodes at 7 and 8 followed by Help! I Wrecked My House at 9.

The MLB playoffs are on starting at 1pm on TBS and FS1.

MNF is on ESPN. The Ravens vs the Colts. There is no Manning version tonight.

Tater’s Thoughts

I will be all about the Ravens game tonight. Everything else will have to wait.

I will be watching the Braves game at 1.

I still think The Big Leap is the best new show this year.

I will give Ordinary Joe another episode or two.

Love It or List It is my favorite HGTV show.


9 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/11/21

      1. Completely agree on the best friend. He’s just solid in every scenario. I’ll go with cop joe as best of three. It annoys me because this concept is so interesting. I wish they didn’t cut back and forth between episode. There has to be a better way to show storyline

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  1. Thanks for the Post article! I found a couple of new-to-me series on Netflix when I went searching for Maid. A friend also recommended Squid Game (or whatever it’s called). I’m going to try to catch up on Big Leap tonight/today.

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