A Resolution Check-In

I didn’t do real New Year’s resolutions this year. My resolution post this year was done with predictive text. They weren’t bad resolutions, though, so I decided to see how I’m doing.

Be Sure That I Would Love It

So far I have not felt any pressure to work outside of the house. Any pressure I feel is internal. I have looked at job openings, but I have not applied for anything because nothing has jumped out at me as something I would like. I will likely end up working again in early 2022. I will have to settle for not hating the job.

I guess since I did not get a job I didn’t love for the sake of having a job, I will call this one a success.

Be A Nice Person

This is easier when you never interact with anyone outside your family. I’ve had some relatively friendly interactions with people at places where I am picking up food and coffee, even when things go wrong.

I did yell at the usher at the baseball game who wouldn’t let us sit in an empty section of seating because we were commoners without the proper ticket.

I’m calling this one somewhat a success.

Be a Little Late

I rarely go places with a schedule these days. When I do, I still show up early or on time. I still get impatient if someone isn’t ready to go when I think we need to go to be on time. I get impatient even when there is no start time besides the one in my head.

This one is a failure so far.

Be There at Five

I can guarantee that if I was supposed to be somewhere at 5 I was there by 5. I just can’t think of a time I was supposed to be somewhere by 5.

I’m claiming this one as a success.

Be a Little Better

I don’t know if I did this. I might be better at some things. I might be worse at others. At best, I probably broke even.

We will call that one a draw.

So to recap:

Some of the resolutions were easier because I didn’t find myself in a lot of situations where I was tested. I have tried to be nicer, but have failed in some situations. I still worry too much about being late. I am better in some ways and worse in others. There’s always next year.


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