Tater on TV: Ghosts

Ghosts premiered with two episodes last night at 9 on CBS. I watched it this morning after I watched the season finale of Ted Lasso.

The Premise

Sam and Jay are a young couple from NYC. Sam inherits a large, run-down estate and wants to move and turn it into a bed and breakfast. The estate is haunted by the many spirits of people who died on the property. Sam falls, spends two weeks in a coma, and awakens with the ability to see and communicate with the ghosts.

Tater’s Thoughts

I found Ghosts to be a very pleasant show.

Rose McIver is delightful as Sam, a cheerful, impulsive, freelance journalist. From her impulsive decision to move to the estate to start a bed and breakfast to her eventual acceptance of her fate with the Ghosts, she is pitch-perfect in the role. Utkarsh Ambudkar is fine as Jay but is in danger of constantly being overshadowed by McIver and the various ghosts. Brandon Scott Jones is a standout as Isaac, a pompous 1700’s militiaman.

I’m glad they aired two episodes last night. You needed the second episode to get a feel for the show. The first episode was mainly set up. We meet Sam, Jay, and the Ghosts. The Ghosts are upset about the plan to turn the house into a bed and breakfast so they try to scare them away. Sam doesn’t get her ability to see them until the end of the episode. The second episode is where we see Sam first try to ignore and then accept her fate. I’m not sure the first episode alone would have been enough to bring viewers back.

I think there is a foundation here on which they can build a very good show. They got past Sam thinking she might just be seeing things early on and can now move on to stories of them learning to co-exist. I hope they open the bed and breakfast early in the run. I think it will be funnier to see them trying to balance the happiness of the guests and the ghosts than it would be to just have Sam, Jay, and the Ghosts. That could get old fast.

A lesser cast could have made this a forgettable, gimmicky, sitcom. The cast elevates it to something fun. I would recommend it.


5 thoughts on “Tater on TV: Ghosts

  1. I wonder if I only recorded the first episode. I wonder if I remembered to record even that. It sounds like it may have been based on a show I watched on Acorn recently, which I’ll have to go check out to remind myself what it was.

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