Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/7/21

Tonight we get another round of season premieres, including the premiere of a new show that looks promising. Here’s the lineup.


8pm – Station 19 – they keep playing up alleged crossovers with Grey’s but in reality, you can watch each show without the other. It’s annoying. If Station 19 can’t stand on its own without the false advertising it doesn’t deserve the time slot.

9pm – Grey’s Anatomy – the season premiere was underwhelming. It might be time to consider wrapping this one up.

10pm – Big Sky – A new case. A new twist in the old case. I like this show a lot.


8pm – Young Sheldon – I’ve watched episodes of this on a plane when I needed something short and something that didn’t need a lot of concentration. It wasn’t bad, but I hated Big Bang and this carries the stink of that show.

8:30pm – The United States of Al – This is the rare sitcom my wife actually watches. Tonight’s episode deals with the current events in Afghanistan so I feel like it will be light on laughs.

9pm – Ghosts – Series premiere. A young couple inherits a dilapidated rural estate and plans to turn it into a bed and breakfast. The twist – the house is haunted by multiple ghosts who don’t want humans around. Samantha falls and hits her head and can now see and talk to the ghosts. It looks promising. I like Rose McIver, so I hope it is good. I will have a review up tomorrow.

10pm – Bull – We watched a couple of episodes of this when it premiered because my wife liked Michael Weatherly on NCIS. We did not like it. The main character is annoying. I’m surprised it survived the allegations of sexual harassment.


8pm – Coroner

9pm – The Outpost

I’m assuming these are nearing the end of their season. The new CW seasons are starting soon even though most of their shows just ended.


8pm – Thursday Night Football – Rams at Seahawks. This game will have an impact on my fantasy football week. That might make me watch a few minutes of it.


8pm – Repeat of Law & Order: SVU – I might watch it if it was SUV instead. Only crimes involving SUVs.

9pm – Law & Order: SVU – a new episode

10pm – Law & Order: Organized Crime – Apparently, people are harassing the actress who plays Stabler’s wife online because they don’t like her character. People are stupid.

Various Non-Streaming Options

The AL playoffs start at 4:30 on FS1 with the second game following at 8.

What We Do in the Shadows is on FX at 10.

HGTV has Flipping 101 with Tarek at 9 followed by House Hunters.

Tater’s Picks

Even though I was negative about them in the ABC section I will still watch Station 19 and Grey’s. I like Station 19. I just don’t need them to pretend there is a crossover when there is no crossover.

Big Sky is one of our favorite shows now.

We are several episodes behind on Coroner now that other shows are available. I wish it had been a summer show instead of carrying over into the new season. It falls down the priority list when new shows start.

As I said, Ghosts looks promising. My daughter also thinks so and has asked me to save it for her to watch when she is home.


8 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/7/21

  1. Greys….bleh…..Bull…completely surprised it remains after all the off camera drama last year….though it’s ine of the few shows my husband and I both watch

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