Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/4/21

Monday has become one of my lighter TV nights of the week. It makes for a boring start to the TV week. Here’s the lineup.


8pm – Dancing With the Stars

9pm – The Good Doctor


8pm – The Neighborhood – I’ve seen some articles about the show tackling some serious subjects this season. I will be curious to see how this goes.

8:30pm – Bob Hearts Abishola – still surprised this is still on TV

9pm – NCIS – Gary Cole joining the cast almost makes me want to watch.

10pm – NCIS: Hawaii – While my wife was away, she would text me to tell me what she watched so I could delete it from the DVR. Both weeks I had nothing else to watch so I decided to watch this. I guess I watch it now. My first NCIS.


8pm – Roswell, New Mexico

9pm – Penn & Teller: Fool Us


8pm – 911

9pm – The Big Leap – I really like this and it is getting terrible ratings. No shock considering three things: It is a show about a dance reality show on opposite a dance reality show, it is on opposite NCIS, and it is paired with 911 instead of something more like it. I could schedule TV better than FOX.


8pm – The Voice – Ariana Grande is very good on this. It almost makes me want to watch it again.

10pm – Ordinary Joe – I’m still in for now. but I don’t know how long the premise is sustainable.

Various Non-Streaming Options

Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean on Bravo.

Food Network has Halloween Baking at 9, Chocolate Meltdown at 10, and The Big Bake at 11.

HGTV has Help! I Wrecked My House at 8 and 9pm.


Tater’s Picks

I watch three of the Monday Night shows. The Big Leap is the best of these. I need more people to watch so it doesn’t get canceled.

NCIS: Hawaii is decent if you like procedurals. I wonder how long it will take for them to crossover with Magnum PI since both are set in Hawaii.

Ordinary Joe is the one most likely to lose my interest, but for now I’m still watching.


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