Readjusting To Life With People

I was home alone for almost two weeks. My wife was already planning to go see her mom and then left early when her mom fell and broke her arm. My kids both live away from home. I did not see either of them during my time alone. I had two experiences with other people during this time(not including people at drive-thrus).

One of those experiences, a fish fry ‘fellowship” at church, turned out to just be me eating alone while everyone ignored me. So, not really an experience with other people. I had almost no interaction with other people besides texts from my siblings. I also was reminded that my circle is basically my wife and kids. When they are gone I have no circle. It was extremely lonely, but I adapted

Here are some things I need to unlearn now that I live amongst people again.

  • Doing whatever needs to be done around the house without worrying about how much noise I’m making.
  • Talking to myself, eg. saying the answers to the crossword puzzle out loud when I figure them out.
  • Weirdly humming along to random TV music(Jeopardy theme music)
  • Watching videos on my iPad at random times with no earbuds
  • Eating dinner as early as I want instead of waiting for someone else
  • Watching TV shows I want to watch when I want to watch them without concern for anyone else.
  • Living on a work vs relaxing schedule that suits me without concern for how others feel about it.

I’m happy my wife is home again. I just got a little too used to not thinking about anyone else as I made decisions about my day. It’s not a way you can live unless you live alone.


10 thoughts on “Readjusting To Life With People

  1. Oh, 2 weeks of having the house to yourself — that sounds heavenly! 🙂 Would you be opposed to joining some kind of service org like Rotary? It allows for scheduled socializing, you get the feel-good vibes from doing good for the community, and it’s also a great networking thing. It’s how I first made friends at a time when I felt like a stranger in a new town. (I know you’re probably not really looking for this unsolicited advice! It’s the mama in me, I can’t help it! ;-))

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