Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/3/21

I’ve decided I will keep doing this each morning until I get tired of it or feel like it is not useful to anyone. I will add a new section at the bottom with my picks for what is worth watching each day. I will likely be posting this one pretty early in the morning and then will have another post on random topics later.


8pm – Celebrity Wheel of Fortune – tonight’s contestants are Andy Richter, Vanilla Ice, and Caroline Rhea so we are using the term celebrity loosely.

9pm – Supermarket Sweep – I still don’t see the appeal

10pm – The Rookie


8pm – iHeart Music Festival Night 2


7:30pmish – 60 Minutes – will likely start late due to football

8:30pmish – Star Trek – a random movie from 2009. Weird.


8pm – The Simpsons

8:30pm – The Great North

9pm – Bob’s Burgers

9:30pm – Family Guy


8pm – Sunday Night Football – I’m already tired of hearing about Brady’s return to play against New England.

Various Non-Streaming Options

Halloween Wars at 8 on Food Network followed by Outrageous Pumpkins at 10.

Renovation, Inc: The Lake House on HGTV at 8. New Lakefront Bargain Hunt at 10 and 10:30.

Bravo has Real Housewives of Potomac at 8, of Salt Lake City at 9, and Watch What Happens Live at 10.

The Walking Dead is on AMC at 9 followed by Walking Dead: The World Beyond at 10 and Talking Dead at 11.

Starz has a new episode of Heels at 9.

HBO has a new episode of Scenes from a Marriage at 9, Nuclear Family at 10 and John Oliver at 11.

Tater’s Picks

Most of what I list in my picks are actually things I will watch later on DVR. I rarely watch a show live anymore.

I might watch part of the football game even though I’m tired of hearing about Brady.

I will watch both Walking Dead shows. Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead was very good.

I will watch Heels.

I will watch John Oliver.


5 thoughts on “Tater on TV: What’s on Tonight 10/3/21

  1. Thanks for keeping this up. I do enjoy knowing what’s on, just in case there’s something I think I’d like to watch. You watch so I don’t have to?

    Liked by 1 person

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